Dr. Bronner's Shaving Soap, Organic, Peppermint 7 Oz

Dr. Bronner's is a family business committed to making socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality while dedicating our profits to help make a better world. Recent causes we have supported include GMO labeling for food and the reintroduction of hemp farming to the US. Family Soapmakers since 1858. Certified Fair Trade. Smooth & moisturizing. Dr. Bronner's all-one! Magic soaps. In all we do, let us be generous, fair & loving to spaceship Earth and all its inhabitants. For we're all-one or none! All-one! USDA organic. Did you know that organic sugar is one of the best things you can use on your skin? The reason is that sugar acts as a natural humectant, literally pulling moisture back into the skin. So in addition to giving our shaving soaps a wonderful caramel aroma and color, it also ensures that the skin on your face and body remains hydrated, super-soft and smooth. All-one! If ever one religion reunites God's legions, it'll be by omitting all half-truths added onto all-one-God-faith that lightning-like unites the human race, for we're all-one or none! Listen children eternal father eternally one! as teach since the year one astronomers Abraham to Mohammed, inspired by the sign of the Messiah, Halley's Comet! Love, when conquered after years of toil-sweat-blood, love can strike like greased lightning sent by God to spark mere dust to intense blazing fire and create new love, faith-hope-guts-strength as only God inspires, create the unity of the human race in astronomy's eternally tremendous, all-one-God-faith, as all mankind desire!!! Replace half-truth with astronomy's full truth that instantly unites mankind in God's eternally tremendous all-one-God-faith!!! Astronomers Abraham-Israel-Moses-Baha u llah-Bud-dha-Hillel-Jesus-Spinoza-Paine-Sagan & Mohammed; inspired for 6,000 years, each & every 76 years, by the Messenger of God's law, the sign of the Messiah, Halley's Comet! Get a close, comfortable shave with plant-based ingredients that moisturize and nourish the skin! Certified by the same national organic program that certifies food - because what you put on your skin goes in your body. Organic Shaving Soaps let you shave without synthetic ingredients, none! Aerosol-petrochemical-detergent free, with no phony fragrances, only organic essential oils - so give your skin a treat. Go the second mile, turn the other cheek, brave, not meek! Fair Trade Means Fair for People: Fair Trade benefits farmers and their families with fair prices, wages, and community funding. Our organic sucrose, coconut and olive oils all come from certified Fair Trade sources. Find out more at drbronner.com. Dr. Bronner's was founded in 1948 by Emanuel Bronner, a third generation soapmaker from a German-Jewish soapmaking family. He used the labels on his superb ecological soaps to spread his message that we must realize our transcendent unity across religious and ethnic divides or perish: we are all-one or none! Emanuel Bronner passed away peacefully on March 7th of 1997. The business continues to be run by the Bronner family. 1st: A human being works hard to teach love his enemy, to help unite all mankind free, or that being is not yet human; so, go the second mile, hold the other cheek, brave, not meek! For we're all-one or none! All-one! Dr. Bronner's is Certified: Fair for life; USDA organic; OTCO; Not animal tested; Certified vegan - vegan.org; Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Contains at least 55% Fair Trade ingredients (Fair Trade Certified by IMO). www.drbronner.com. Oregon Tilth Certified Organic. 10th: Thank God we don't descend down from perfect Adam & Eve to sinful sinner, brother's keeper, divided slave! United armed, loving hard-working trained brave, from dust we ascend up! Thank God for that! Our brother's teacher of the moral abc, mason-tent-&-sandalmaker Hillel, taught carpenter Jesus to unite all mankind free! Irrefutably, as Jesus teaches, remember: the only difference between the brave man & the coward is the brave man has an ideal to fight for, the coward hasn't. An ideal such as teaching friend & enemy the moral abc 6 billion strong instantly uniting all mankind free, with Barbarism gone! 11th: the fully-true written word, the pen, is mightier than the most brutal sward if guarded by 10 brave men! 12. All-out intensity in teaching all men the full truth that unites one-God-state is our first & most sacred duty for the survival of this & all future generations for half-true hate! Exceptions? Absolute none!