Natures Gate Tth Creme De Anise

Natural. Promotes healthy teeth and gums. Freshens breath. Sulfate free. 7 AntioxiDental Blend. Brushing with our great tasting fluoride-free Creme de Anise Toothpaste helps reduce dental plaque-build-up and brightens teeth while freshening breath and promoting oral health. Our unique formula contains an exclusive blend of 7 oral health botanicals to leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed. 7 AntioxiDental Blend: Exclusive AntioxiDental Blend includes cranberry, pomegranate, white tea, grapeseed, aloe, ginger and bisabolol. Calcium, a strengthening component of teeth, protects tooth enamel against demineralization. Baking soda acts as a gentle abrasive to clean and refresh. Aloe, ginger and bisabolol help soothe irritation. Cranberry, pomegranate, white tea and grapeseed are high in antioxidants known to support oral health. Fluoride free. Paraben free. Sulfate free. No sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate. No artificial flavors or sweeteners. No animal by-products or testing. No artificial colors. Cruelty free and vegan. Support clean water for all. Printed with soy ink. Nature's Gate saves the following resources each year by using 100% recycled, 50% post consumer waste paper for this product. Trees: 534 full grown. Water: 458,756 gallons. Energy: 756 million BTU. Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Defense Fund Paper Calculator and the Eco-Audit. Made in USA.