Seventh Generation Pads, Chlorine-Free, Maxi with Wings, Overnight

Gluten free. 0% fragrances; deodorants; chlorine bleached pads. Purefit flexible protection. What's in it for You: 1. Our period care products provide leak protection that works without the use of rayon and deodorants. Plus, since they're free from fragrances, you don't have to worry about exposing your most sensitive skin to these unnecessary chemicals. 2. These pads are made to care for you, and for the Earth. By avoiding chlorine whiteners in the absorbent material in our pads, we help prevent harmful toxins from entering waterways. 3. These pads feature our innovative purefit design which conforms to your body for reliable leak protection and comfort. Leak protection that works for you and the world. At Seventh Generation, our goal is to transform the world into a healthy, sustainable, and equitable for the next seven generations. Our Product Promise: Hypoallergenic; gluten free; 0% fragrances; dyes; ravon; deodorants. These tiny peel-away strips are whitened using a process that still utilizes chemicals containing chlorine. Our goal is for the strips to be whitened with the totally chlorine free process. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. 43 cent donated per pack. Up to one million packs per year. We're on a Mission: Did you know? In the US, many people can't get the period care they need because it isn't always considered a basic human necessity. Try telling that to anyone who gets their period. We're donating 43 cent for every pack of tampons and pads we sell in the US (Up to one million packs per year) to impactful nonprofits helping reverse this inequity. Visit to learn more & get involved. Our Certification: Certified B Corporation. We Donate the Tampon Tax: Many states charge you an unfair sales tax on period care products because they are not considered essential. For our period care products, this tampon tax is about 43 cent per pack. Try Our Full Line of Period Care Products: ultra-thins & maxi pads; liners; 99% plant-based plastic applicator tampons; no applicator tampons. Made in Canada with domestic and imported ingredients.