Diva Menstrual Cup, Reusable, Model 2 1 ea

Makers of the Original DivaCup. Holds 6 tampons. New look. Same product. 12 Hour wear. Waste-free. 100% Medical grade silicone. Conscious Period Care For Every Body: From the design of our products, to the quality of materials, to our sustainability ethos, Diva believes every body should feel confident that their period products will work - every time. Trusted since 2003, the DivaCup is a reusable tampon alternative designed to collect your flow rather than absorb it. Consciously designed for comfort and 12 hours of continuous period protection. Purposefully created for a waste-free, sustainable period experience. Confident leak protection. Chemical-free. Free of latex, phthalates, plastic, and rubber. Easy insertion & removal. Comfortable all-day wear. Reusable & sustainable. Safe & natural. Meet the Diva Cup: Soft 100% medical grade silicone that becomes more flexible with body heat. Leak-resistant air holes create a seal to secure the cup in place. Visible flow lines to keep track of your period. Easy to grip for hassle-free removal. Founded by women. Find your size: Model 0: For light flow days; hold 4 tampons. Best for teens or first-time users. Fit for slim or narrow vaginal canals. Model 1: For medium to heavy flow days; holds 5 tampons. Best for ages 18+. Most popular size cup. Model 2: For medium to super-heavy flow days; holds 6 tampons. Best for ages 35+ or those with wider vaginal canals. Fit for post-partum bodies. Recycle with Terracycle. Certified B Corporation.