Diva Menstrual Cup, Reusable, Model 0 1 Ea

Makers of the Original DivaCup. Hold 4 tampons New look. Same product. 12 Hour wear. Waste-free. 100% Medical grade silicone. Conscious period care eor every body. From the design of our products, to the quality of materials, to our sustainability ethos, Diva believes every body should feel confident that their period products will work - every time. Trusted since 2003, the DivaCup is a reusable tampon alternative designed to collect your flow rather than absorb it. Consciously designed for comfort and 12 hours of continuous period protection. Purposefully created for a waste-free, sustainable period experience. Confident leak protection. Chemical-free. Free of latex, BPAs, phthalates, plastic, and rubber. Easy insertion & removal. Reusable & sustainable. Comfortable all-day wear. Safe & natural. Meet the Diva Cup: Soft 100% medical grade silicone that becomes more flexible with body heat. Leak-resistant air holes create a seal to secure the cup in place. Visible flow lines to keep track of your period. Easy to grip for hassle-free removal. Founded by women. Find your size: Model 0: For light flow days; holds 4 tampons; Best for teens or first-time users. Fit for slim or narrow vaginal canals. Model 1: For medium to heavy flow days; holds 5 tampons; Best for age 18+; Most popular size cup. Model 2: For medium to super-heavy flow days; holds 6 tampons; Best for ages 35+ or those with wider vaginal canals. Fit for post-partum bodies. Contents: 1 reusable Diva menstrual cup, 1 organic cotton pouch, 1 user guide. Recyclable with terracycle. Certified B Corporation.