Tom's Of Maine Deodorant Roll On, Calendula, Natural, Long Lasting 3 Oz

Contains zinc ricinoleate for long-lasting odor protection and natural fragrance oils for a pleasant calendula aroma. Effective, long-lasting, natural. Fights odors 3 ways. Dear friends, Our new Long-Lasting Deodorant Roll-Ons fights odor three ways to keep you feeling fresh, naturally, all day. Zinc Ricinoleate, sourced from castor beans, absorbs and neutralizes odor, while the natural botanicals coriander and lemongrass neutralize bacteria. Finally, natural fragrance creates a pleasant aroma. Please let us know what you think! Kate and Tom Chappell Co-founders, Tom's of Maine. This product does not contain artificial or animal ingredients. Tom's of Maine products are tested for safety without the use of animals. We hope you enjoy our Natural Long-Lasting Deodorant Roll-On. Zinc Ricinoleate fights odor naturally by absorbing odor caused by microbes, herbal ingredients kill bacteria, and calendula fragrance provides a pleasant aroma. What's more, the container is recyclable! How our long-lasting deodorants work - Chemicals produced by skin bacteria cause odor-so how can you stop them? There are three methods: block the chemicals with perfumes, neutralize the odor-causing bacteria, or bind up the odor molecules. Tom's Natural Long-Lasting Deodorant uses all three ways to keep you smelling fresh, naturally. We use the odor-neutralization properties of zinc ricinoleate, sourced from castor beans, to trap and absorb bad smells. We also rely on the antimicrobial properties of the herbal ingredients coriander and lemongrass to neutralize odor-causing bacteria and the gentle fragrance of calendula to fight odor. Naturally, it works. Made in USA.