Natures Way Fortify Immune Defense, Dual Action, Veg Capsules

Dietary Supplement. Probiotics with vitamin C & zinc. Potency guaranteed through expiration date. Digestion promotes healthy digestive function + immunity supports a healthy immune system. 20 billion live probiotics per serving. Total Immune Support: The combination of vitamin C, zinc and probiotics support your immune defenses throughout the entire year. The Importance of Zinc: Zinc is an essential trace element that supports healthy immune function. With 100% of the recommended daily value of zinc, this formula provides daily support for your immune system. Healthy Digestive Function: The Dual Action Immune Defense formula contains lactobacilli & bifidobacteria to support overall digestive and immune health, giving you a great foundation for your busy day. High Quality Formula: gluten free; soy free; vegetarian; no artificial colors or preservatives; researched probiotic strains. 20 billion active cultures, guaranteed! Fortify guarantees each serving will deliver 20 billion live cultures up to the date of expiration. Innovative Delivery: Each capsule is resistant to the harmful effects of stomach acid, and distributes live cultures to the proper area of the small intestine and colon, right where they're needed most. Shelf Stable: No refrigeration necessary. This product is guaranteed to maintain stated potency until the date of expiration when stored under recommended conditions. Potency of live cultures measured in Colony Forming Units (CFU). Guaranteed potency. Questions? 1-800-9Nature/ Potency of this product guaranteed until expiration date when bottle is stored under recommended conditions. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)