Emerita OH Warming Lubricant - 2 oz

Paraben-free. Enhance sexual intimacy (latex-friendly). Don't we all want something a girl can carry in her bag or keep on her nightstand, or whatever, without squirming about it? This little bottle is very powerful stuff: part empowerment tool, part E-ticket ride, friendly conversation starter, even. When you buy our products, you're standing in solidarity with thousands of women who all want the same thing, their own thing. Thank you. Emerita stands for real women everywhere. Goes well with: Latex, fabrics, your own personal chemistry, soft music. Plus, it's non-toxic. What's in it: You'll probably notice the hint of cinnamon. For a complete list of ingredients, check the side of this box. What's not in it: No parabens, mineral oil, petroleum or animal anything. And our products are never tested on animals. Does not contain any parabens. An Emerita Sexual Vitality Product. Made in the USA.