Prana Bar Prana Bar, Pear Ginseng

Raw enzyme power. 70% raw. USDA Organic. Certified organic by GOCA. Enzyme active. Unprocessed. Non-GMO. Soy free. No sugar added. Gluten free. Dairy free. Vegan. All natural. All ingredients are raw except the nuts and seeds, which require slow cooking to denature the enzyme inhibitors they contain. This avoids stress to your digestive system. Are you fully charged? Enzymes - the delicate dynamos - cannot be duplicated by science, because they are stuff of life. Enzymes break down food into basic components so that the body can absorb nutrients and eliminate waste efficiently. Your body produces a limited supply of enzymes, so the more you use your enzyme potential, the sooner it runs out. Nearly all the enzymes naturally present in food are destroyed by processing and cooking, causing your body to deplete its own limited supply when digesting such foods. Raw, organic Prana bars are unprocessed food, rich in enzymes which restore enzyme levels and may increase health, vitality and longevity.