Garden of Life Gol Bar, Chocolate Coconut

12 g protein. 12 g milk protein 10 cashews. 2 almonds. 2 dates. Chocolate. Coconut. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by QCS. Non GMO Project verified. Certified gluten free. No added sugars. No compromise. No rBGH or rBST. No junk. No kidding. Clean & Simple: Whatever your gol (goal), we help you get there with our deliciously simple protein bars made exclusively from real certified organic, non-GMO project verified whole food ingredients. No soy ingredients. A Gol for Everyone in Your Family: Our Organic Gol Bars are perfect on-the-go. Add a bar to your childrens lunch box, take to work for a mid-afternoon snack, use as a quick pick-me-up before practice or the gym. From Certified Organic and Non-GMO Verified, California Grass Fed Cows: Happy cows make delicious protein! Our California Jersey Cows live in their natural outdoor habitat, roaming and feeding in green pastures and are supplemented with a small amount of certified organic grains and hay for the health and welfare of their calves. Never pumped with hormones (rBGH and rBST free) or routine antibiotics. American Humane Certified. Low temperature, microfiltered and acid free. Certified B Corporation. Available in 4 Delicious Flavors: Blueberry, Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Sea Salt and Maple Sea Salt. Certified Renewable Energy: We buy 100% certified renewable energy. Printed with vegetable based inks on 100% recyclable material. Made in the USA from foods grown in the USA and other countries.