Perfect Bar Almond Acai Bar, Lite

Nutrition and taste, grounded in perfection. Made with organic almond butter and honey. Gluten free. 20+ super foods. 7 g protein. Non GMO. Our Story: You could say our dad, Dr. Bud Keith, was grounded in nutrition. He was a health food pioneer before many people had heard of health food. And he and mom were determined to help us eat right. One day, after mixing a variety of superfood blends into organic peanut butter and honey, dad proclaimed, it's perfect, and the perfect bar was born. Today, the oldest of the Keith kids are sharing dad's recipe with the world. No chemicals, preservatives or refined sugar. Just an incredible combination of nutrition and taste that's grounded in perfection. Enjoy. Get the whole story at Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Oregon Tilth. AKA: Ashley Koff approved. 35% fewer calories than the Almond Butter flavor. 86% organic ingredients. Handmade in sunny San Diego!