Orgain Protein Powder, Creamy Chocolate Fudge Flavored 29.2 Oz

Our Commitment to Clean Nutrition: An early battle with cancer shaped my belief that the higher the quality of our nutrition, the better well feel. That's why we're relentless about high standards and uncompromising when it comes to providing the most delicious and cleanest nutrition possible. We're picky and proud - join us! In goo health - Andrew Abraham, M.D. Founder, Doctor, and Cancer Survivor & Food Entrepreneur. Good, clean nutrition. Kicks The Grit Out of Other Proteins: It's about time for protein to come clean, and out Clean Whey Protein Powder doesn't hide a thing. Made without artificial preservatives, soy, or gluten, this grass-fed Whey Protein is delicious as fudge (or vanilla bean). No gritty texture or fillers means it stays smooth 'til the cows come home.