Andronicos Naturals Maximum Soy-Spirulina Protein Powder 16 oz

Soy is an excellent source of isoflavones. Research shows a positive relationship between the consumption of soy foods and heart, bone, menopausal, and general health. Combining soy with spirulina and bee pollen further supports both immediate and long term energy needs. Additional Health promoting nutrients are blended with SUPRO Brand isolated soy protein to create our highly nutritious, great tasting, Ultimate Soy-Spirulina Protein Powder. Our soy protein isolate is processed with water which results in retention of the isoflavones. Variability in isoflavone level may exist with each soy crop just as naturally occurring vitamin and mineral content vary in plants. This product is manufactured with NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. FREE of corn, yeast, wheat, grain, egg and milk products.