Essential Living Foods Maca Blend Powder - Organic - Andean - 11.5 oz - 1 each

Designed to complement and enhance maca's powerful adaptogenic effects with herbs and plants from Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, our innovative blend boosts energy, endurance, and mood while supporting healthy metabolism. We use a more potent, stronger form of Maca known as Maca Premium, and CorgyGen: an extract of a mushroom known as Cordyceps that enhance libido, stamina, alertness, and energy level. Ashwagandha to help soothe the nervous system while helping with digestion, stress relief, mental agility, and focus. This blend is not only supportive of energy and stamina, but will help with everyday stress. This organic superfood blend is ideal for those needing a little extra energy and stamina, a boost before or after a workout, or a better night's sleep because your body's functioning at a normalized level. Easy to use, you simply mix with water, milk, or smoothie any time of the day. Country of Origin: USA Weight (lbs): 1.06 Organic: 95%+ Organic