Badger Headache Soother, Tangerine & Rosemary 0.6 Oz

Aromatherapy. To calm & soothe the mind. USDA organic. 100% natural & certified organic. Calm and soothe your senses with this heady combination of tangerine, mint, rosemary, cedar and chamomile. Think good thoughts and breathe it in - the aroma will do the rest. Custom formulated & produced with care. Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Certified B Corporation. Please recycle. No animal testing. Visit our website for more details. Aromatherapy uses the fragrance of pure essential oils to bypass the conscious mind and soothe the emotions on a deeper level. Rub onto wrists, temples & forehead - anywhere you need a little soothing! FSC: Mix board. Made in the USA.