Aura Cacia Essential Oil, 100% Pure, Lavender Tea Tree 0.5 Oz

Contains 100% pure lavender tea tree essential oil, not a blend of lavender and tea tree. Pure essential oils. Botanical oils of Australia. Soothing. Australia is home to many aromatic plants, each offering the benefits of its own unique aroma profile. We're proud to offer Botanical Oils of Australia - including special tea tree oils that are distilled from unique botanical sources not blended from other essential oils. Lavender Tea Tree, also known as rosalina, matches the purifying strength of tea tree with the gentleness of lavender. It contains soothingly sweet and floral aroma constituents without the potently medicinal aroma of tea tree. Aroma: Soft, floral, top/middle note. Plant Part: Leaves. The purifying nature of tea tree with a gentle floral aroma. Essential oil tested for purity. Not tested on animals. No synthetic ingredients. Lavender tea tree is ideal for your skin care needs. Carton made from 100% recycled paper. Minimum 35% post consumer content. Carton manufactured with 100% windpower. Origin: Australia.