Solaray Mycrobiome Women's Formula Probiotic 30 VegCaps

50 Billion live cultures. Enteric shield. 24 strains + prebiotic inulin. Live probiotics. Once daily. Protect your probiotics. Stomach acid is harsh on probiotic cells and they need protection. Solaray Enteric Shield VegCaps are designed to protect fragile probiotics. Our unique capsules remain intact for more than 60 minutes in stomach acid, then disintegrate in the small intestine (USP (United States Pharmacopeia] 2040) Mycobiome with Enteric Shield ensures your probiotics arrive safe and alive to where you need them. Designed for you. The human microbiome is collection of living microorganisms in the body. Like your fingerprint, your microbiome is unique. Trillions of healthy bacteria help you digest food, regulate your mood, assist your immune system, and much more. Maintaining microbiome balance is essential to your health. Your needs are personal. Solaray Mycrobiome Probiotics are designed for you. Probiotics for Women: Vaginal health. Urinary tract support. Hormone balance. Digestive function. Healthy immune system.