Go Live Probiotic Prebiotic Unf

15 strains. 15 billion CFUs. No sugar. 0 calories. Add to any food/beverage! Less than 100 degrees F. Gluten free. Lactose free. Preservative free. Vegetarian. Great for all ages, kids too! Digestion. Metabolism. Immunity. Vitamin D3. Glutamine. Experience the GoLive difference. Experience the GoLive difference. Better Probiotics - 15 documented and clinically-tested probiotic strains. Better Prebiotics - variety of food sources nourish and promote growth of probiotics. Better delivery - freeze-dried and individually packaged to ensure potency. 15 Probiotic Strains (Probiotics = Beneficial Bacteria): B. bifidum Bb-06; B. Breve Bb-03; B. lactic Bl-04; B. lactis SD-5220; B. longum Bl-05; L. acidophilus La-14; L. bulgaricus Lb-64; L. casei Lc-11; L. fermentum SD-5847; L. paracasei Lpc-37; L. plantarum Lp-115; L. reuteri SD-5865; L. rhamnosus Lr-32; L. salivarius Ls-33; S. thermophilus St-21 + prebiotics (prebiotics = food for beneficial bacteria): Gum Acacia; Galactooligosaccharide; Larch Gum; L. Glutamine; Maltodextrin. Bring your diet to life. www.goliveprobiotics.com. facebook.com/golive.probiotics. twitter.com/goliveprobiotic. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)