Twinlab Allergy Multi Caps

Dietary supplement. For allergic & chemically hypersensitive individuals. Allergy Multi Caps is the highest quality and most completely hypoallergenic multi vitamin and mineral capsule supplement available. It is specially designed for food and chemically hypersensitive individuals. Well tolerated by the most highly allergic individuals. No tablets binders, coatings or colorings. Free of the most common allergens such as fish, fish oils, iodine, corn, wheat, yeast, barley, rice, lactose (milk sugar), milk, egg, citrus, citrus or lemon bioflavonoids (including hesperidin), nightshade vegetables, salicylates. Hydrolyzed protein amino acid chelates, mineral gluconate and citrates are avoided as these are derived from soy, barley, corn, potato, milk, egg and yeast. No added flavorings, sugars, sodium chloride, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Packaged in a glass bottle for maximum stability, quality and freshness.