Spry Dental Defense System Toothpaste, Anti-Cavity, with Fluoride, Cinnamon

Misc: 25% more free. Xylitol and aloe. Spry: A healthier way to care for teeth & gums. Spry seeks out the greatest, most natural ways to improve oral health. That's why Spry Toothpaste features xylitol and cranberry extract. Both improve oral health by inhibiting bacteria from adhering to teeth and gums. Spry Toothpaste is part of the Spry Dental Defense System. All Spry products contain xylitol, which promotes greater oral health. www.xlear.com. See Spry Oral Rinse, Spry Gum, Spry Mints, Spry Dental Probiotics and Spry Dry Mouth products at xlear.com. Made in USA.