My Magic Mud Toothpaste, Whitening, Activated Charcoal, Fluoride-Free, Peppermint

Made with coconut oil & bentonite clay. Cleans polishes whitens & detoxes your teeth. 5 Reasons You Need My Magic Mud: 1. Like us, you're a health nut! 2. You have sensitive teeth and gums. 3. You love coffee, wine, or the occasional smoke. 4. You simply want whiter teeth. 5. You're done with toxic chemicals in toothpaste. Dentist Recommended: Nature and science come together to create the most effective toothpaste out there. - Dr Griffin Cole, DOS, NMD. Our Story: Jessica Arman, a mother of four and avid entrepreneur, developed My Magic Mud to help with her child's sensitive teeth. What started off as a simple home remedy, quickly turned into a successful family business and a platform to inspire others in the community to make magic through entrepreneurship. No foaming agents. No GMO. No glycerin. No toxic ingredients. No fluoride. No triclosan. Fluoride free. No cruelty. Cruelty Free. No gluten. Vegan. Gluten free. Find us online Facebook/mymagicmud. Questions? (844) 624-4263. GMP: Good manufacturing practice consistent quality. Made in USA.