Olbas Inhaler

Olbas® Inhaler. Natural. Power to breathe®. Powerful vapors. Rapid action: Makes nasal passages feel cleaner. Helps you endure seasonal discomfort. Original swiss essential oil formula. Net Wt. 0.01 oz (285 mg). Aromatherapy inhaler: Benefits: Natural Olbas vapors provide a pleasant, refreshing, and cooling sensation to your nasal passages. Especially beneficial during times of seasonal discomfort, low humidity and other unwelcome nasal encounters. Fast-acting, penetrating vapors provide an immediate, fresh, clean feeling in the nose, sinuses and lungs. Cruelty-free: Not tested on animals. Try these other fine Olbas products: Olbas Oil. Olbas Cough Syrup. Olbas Pastilles. Olbas Herbal Tea. Olbas Salve. Olbas Herbal Bath. Olbas Lozenges. Available at your local health center. Visit: www.olbas.com.