Alaffia Hydrating Coconut Conditioner

Certified Fair Trade coconut. Handcrafted & unrefined. No synthetic fragrance. Paraben free. Vegan. No animal testing. Gluten free. Fair trade. Equality. Empowerment. Beauty. Simple & Effective Formulas: Alaffia hair care is formulated to balance science with tradition to holistically benefit your hair, communities, and the environment. Everyday Coconut Hydrating Conditioner is prepared with Certified Fair Trade virgin coconut oil and African ginger for gentle moisturizing and circulation. For Everyday use on normal to dry hair. Our Pledge: Gender equality & community empowerment. Alaffia Empowerment: Maternal Health Care: We pay fair wages to members of our coconut cooperative in Togo, Africa. Funds from this and our other Alaffia products help conduct our empowerment projects. Alaffia reduces the maternal death rate in Togo by providing comprehensive prenatal care to 1,000 women each year. Saving mothers empowers women and nurtures future generations. Bicycles for Education Project: 5,300 bikes distributed. Reforestation Project: 25,000 trees planted. School Supplies Project: 8,000 student recipients. Fair for life. Please recycle. Handmade by Alaffia in Olympia, WA USA.