Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Rich Chocolate MD Protein 24.19 oz

Sustainable plant & salmon. Mediterranean diet approved. May reduce the risk of heart disease. Supports immune health. Informed choice. From The Most Sustainable Protein on Earth: We've harnessed the nutritional value of one of the world's true Superfoods, Norwegian Salmon, to unlock the ocean's potential and nourish the world. - David Perlmutter, M.D. More Than Protein: Oat Beta-Glucans: Heart health. Coconut MCT: Satiety & energy. Probiotics & Olive Leaf: Immunity. New Mediterranean Diet: The healthiest, most physician-prescribed way of eating in the world. A diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, including beta-glucans from oats or barley may reduce the risk of heart disease. Estimated Minimum Fill: The density of the powdered ingredients in this product naturally vary from lot to lot and require space in the container at the time of packaging. Over time the powders settle, causing the container to appear less full than when it was first packaged. This product is sold by weight and not by volume. Highly digestible salmon protein peptides. Please recycle. Friend of the sea. We buy 100% Certified Renewable Energy. Sustainable Salmon: Sourced from the most pristine ocean fjords in Norway. Harvested and prepared using 100% renewable energy from hydrogen-powered boats. Certified B Corporation.