Daiya Pizza, Gluten-Free, Spinach & Mushroom

Gourmet white sauce. Deliciously dairy-free. Dairy & soy free. Cholesterol 0 mg per 1/4 pizza. CSA. Certified vegan. vegan.org. Please recycle. Look for our other deliciously dairy-free products in your grocery store. It's a beautiful thing. Pair creamy white bean sauce with a crispy gluten-free crust for a delicious base. Add spinach, mushrooms and garlic and things start to get interesting. Top it off with our melty, stretchy mozzarella style shreds and you end up with something extraordinary. The spinach & mushroom is a beauty to behold, although we'd rather be eating it than holding it. Try a bite and we think you'll agree. Committed to non-GMO ingredients. Gluten Free Recognition: Celiac Support Association. Questions or comments? 1(877) 324-9211; www.Daiyafoods.com. Product of Canada.