Cappello's Pizza, Grain Free, Cheese 11 Oz

Look for our grain- and gluten-free pasta and cookie dough. We didn't have to split the atom to reinvent pizza - we had to split the almond. We harness the abundant proteins, fiber, and healthy fats in almond flour to create a pizza unlike any other-an irresistible grain- and gluten-free work of edible art. We meticulously source simple ingredients. From savory cage-free (Produced from hens that are non-caged and free to roam in open buildings) eggs to the rich whole milk mozzarella topping this pie. Absolutely no modified starches. wheat, corn, rice, legumes. or soy. Our recipes never compromise on taste or nutrition. We thank you and almonds everywhere for sharing our delicious vision of what pizza can be. Let's eat!