Michael Angelos Chicken Alfredo, with Broccoli

Italian natural (Minimally processed all-natural ingredients except for enriched semolina flour) cuisine. Premium quality. Our family recipes. Naturally raised chicken. Vegetarian fed. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. No preservatives. The secret to a true Fettuccini Alfredo is in the sauce. We start with butter-sauteed shallots and garlic then add whole milk. Asiago and imported Parmesan cheeses. We add thick strips of perfectly roasted, vegetarian fed, all natural chicken breast, crisp broccoli and our own al dente fettuccini pasta. Michael Angelo's Gourmet Foods proudly presents you with truly Authentic Italian Meals that are made from all natural ingredients and no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives except for enriched semolina flour. When it comes to Italian prepared meals, nothing comes closer to perfection than Michael Angelo's. The combination of superior quality ingredients and generations-old family recipes that are prepared fresh each day will fill your senses with the aroma of an authentic Italian home cooked meal. Michael's mother Sara has always insisted that only the freshest, highest quality ingredients can make a truly great tasting Italian meal bearing the name Michael Angelo's. Experience the quality, freshness and taste of Michael Angelo's. Buon Appetito! From our family to yours. Product of USA.