Trempealeau Walnut Burger

The Historic Trempealeau hotel's. Meatless. Flavorful. Healthy. Home of the Walnut Burger. It all started in the back kitchen of our family restaurant in small town Wisconsin. We cooked up a super tasty meatless burger and it caught the attention of both vegetarians and meat lovers. We never imagined our Walnut Burger would travel beyond the doors of the Historic Trempealeau Hotel, but before we knew it, people were going nuts over it. Our kids vividly recall the good ol' days at the restaurant: Pushing out burgers with the antique wooden patty press, the infectious aroma of burgers frying on the grill or Walnut Balls baking in the oven. Today, our whole family is working together to bring the Walnut Burger's flavor and health benefits to more of you! Go ahead now - join in the fun and go nuts! No artificial preservatives or additives. 1% for the planet.