Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream, Chubby Hubby 1 pt

Ben & Jerry's Vanilla malt ice cream with peanutty fudge-covered pretzels with fudge & peanut-buttery swirls. This pint is packed to the brim with the very best combination of fudge-covered pretzels, swirled through with fudge and peanut butter. With a name like that, are you surprised that Chubby Hubby is a decadently delightful frozen treat? Chubby Hubby has been around since 1994, so it’s gotten easy to take its sweet, cuddly presence in your life for granted. But what if we told you that the flavor wouldn’t exist without the two prankster co-workers who decided to convince their Ben & Jerry’s-loving boss that there really was a flavor called “Chubby Hubby?” (There wasn’t. At least back then.) After he scoured freezer case after freezer case for the made-up flavor, those pranksters started feeling a little guilty. So, they whipped up the first batch of the now-beloved fudge-pretzel, peanut butter and vanilla malt-flavored ice cream at home. Their boss loved it, and we loved it here at Ben & Jerry’s, too, welcoming it into our family with wide, wide-open arms. We can also wrap our arms around Chubby Hubby’s ingredients and the way it’s made—like all of our pints, Chubby Hubby uses Non-GMO sourced ingredients, eggs from cage-free hens, and the cocoa, sugar and vanilla is all Fairtrade certified. It's packaged up in a responsibly sourced container, this pint is too good to take for granted.