Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Karamel Sutra, Core 1 Pt

Ben & Jerry's ice cream pint with chocolate and caramel ice cream, fudge chips and a soft caramel core. Close your eyes and repeat after us: I deserve this. I deserve this. I deserve this. Can you visualize core euphoria yet? It's easy to lose yourself in the sensuously sweet caramel core of Karamel Sutra and swim through its waves of caramel and chocolate ice cream. But the story of how this flavor came to be is nearly as sweet. In 2001, New York Times reporter Abby Ellin visited Ben & Jerry's HQ in Burlington, VT, USA, with several other journalists. Each reporter worked with a Flavor Guru to invent their very own flavor. And although the recipe for Abby's flavor was never committed to memory, her unforgettable name certainly stuck: Karamel Sutra! With Abby's permission, Karamel Sutra joined our special collection of 2002 Core Concoction flavors. With its velvety core of soft caramel encircled by chocolate and caramel ice creams with fudge chips, this stuff was made for pint-tunnelers everywhere. So whether you dig straight down into the core or mix a bit of everything in each bite, tip your spoon to Abby and our Flavor Gurus as you savor this sultry blend. All of Ben & Jerry's cocoa, sugar and vanilla comes from Fairtrade certified producers. Our ice cream is made with Non-GMO sourced ingredients, cage-free eggs, and we use responsibly sourced packaging.