Outshine 6 Pack Pomegranate Fruit Ice Bars 6 ea

No artificial colors or flavors (Added colors from natural sources). Fat free. Gluten free. Good sources of vitamin C per 1 bar. No GMO ingredients (SGS verified the Nestle process for manufacturing this product with no GMO ingredients sgs.com/no-gmo). Made with fruit juice. No high fructose corn syrup. Get ready to snack brighter. Refreshingly real. Every bite of an Outshine Fruit Bar tastes like biting into a piece of ripe fruit. Made with real fruit and fruit juice, it's the snack that refreshes you from the inside out. sgs.com/no-gmo. outshinesnacks.com. Smartlabel: Scan for more info. Facebook. Instagram. Freshen up your day: outshinesnacks.com. Call or Text (Yes, Really!) us anytime: 1-800-392-4885. Try them all: Fruit bars; Yogurt Bars; Variety packs; Fruit & ice cream bars. 100% recycled paperboard. Please recycle this carton.