Ayo Waakye Beans & Rice, Mild 8 oz

Worlds of flavor. Ayo Ocean of soul. Topic chef. Eric Adjepong's. Red peas and rice slow cooked with millet leaves and served with a delicious red sauce. Authentic West African Cuisine. Ayo means joy and we are overjoyed to partner with Chef Eric Adjepong to bring his unique recipes to you. One of the most acclaimed finalists in Top Chef history, Eric draws from his Ghanaian roots to create memorable dishes that are bold, creative and comforting. We welcome Eric to the Ayo family and invite you to join us as we celebrate our shared love for the rich culture and flavor of our West African heritage. Enjoy! Perteet & Fred Co-Founders. If you have ever wondered about the connection between West African and Caribbean cuisine, look no further than Waakye (pronounced wa-che)! A West African favorite, this dish is enjoyed at all times of the day. Chef Adjepong's recipe combines jasmine rice, organic coconut oil, and South Carolina grown red peas with red sorghum leaves that give the dish its beautiful red hue. An incredible aromatic red sauce finishes this delicious vegan meal.