AC LaRocco Pizza, Greek Sesame, Whole Grain Honey Crust

Artichoke hearts, onions, fetta cheese, sun ripened dried tomatoes, fresh garlic, olives, Greek oregano, sesame seed. Vegetarian. All natural whole wheat. No preservatives. Natural pizza. No MSG. 100% real cheese. Since the launching of AC LaRocco Pizzas in 1996, the company has received some of the highest recommendations in the country for its line of nutritional pizzas! After evaluating 42 national brands of pizzas for taste and nutritional value, The Center for Science in the Public Interest, (CSPI) published an article titled In Search of the Perfect Pizza in the January 2003 issue of Nutrition Action Newsletter. All six original varieties of AC LaRocco Pizzas were listed in the top eight of the Leaning Tower of Pizza. Since then, AC LaRocco Pizzas have earned the critics respect. A.C. LaRocco pizzas are rich in whole grain crust, fresh frozen vegetables, dairy cheese(s) and olive oil. The science may be complicated, but the message is simple: certain foods - Super - Foods as we call them - should be an essential part of your regular diet. That just got a lot easier thanks to AC LaRocco! AC LaRocco makes ultra-high quality, fresh frozen pizzas, that are loaded with just the kind of Superfoods I've written about in the best selling book, Superfoods Rx: Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life. These are the only pizzas that are permitted to display the Superfoods Rx label. These pizzas taste great and they're great for you. Why wouldn't you want the best in taste and nutrition for your family? What does organic mean to you and your family? To our family at AC LaRocco, it means providing you with the highest quality products possible. The Organic Whole Wheat and Honey Crust and the Organic Tomato Sauce are the cornerstone for every AC LaRocco Pizza we build. We take pride and comfort in knowing that these certified products are free of pesticides and chemicals and are grown in soils rich in microbes and micro-nutrients that are Nutritious by Nature, Delicious by Design! This pizza is made with 65.5% organic ingredients. Product of USA.