French Meadow Organic Bread, Summer

Yeast free. USDA organic. Heart baked the old world way. In the heartland of America is a family - owned bakery that bakes heart bread the old world way. At French Meadow bakery, we bake our bread in the true French country tradition. These delicious and hearty loaves are naturally leavened sourdough breads. Once you discover the special nutty flavor of our award - winning breads with their crunchy crust and chewy moist inside, you'll want to try them all. Baking without yeast is best. The age old art of real sourdough's slow - rising process is labor intensive and involves feeding the starter day after day as it slowly ferments, producing a nutritious, easily digestible bread with a rich flavor and incomparable texture. We bake our bread the same time honored way no bakers yeast, dairy, oil or sweeteners. Organically and naturally nutritious. At French meadow we use only the finest whole grains, organically grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or other environmentally harmful substances. These natural grains are slowly stoneground to protect important nutrients and provide farm - fresh flavor. Product of USA.