Farmhouse Culture Kraut, Ginger Beet, Crunchy 16 oz

Wild fermented cabbage. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by CCOF. Gluten free. Vegan. No added sugars. Organic is Non-GMO & more. Cabbage, ginger, beets. Naturally probiotic from organic veggies. Always Organic: At Farmhouse Culture, we craft products that excite the palate and nourish the body by unlocking the power of organic and fermented foods. Starting with organic cabbage, sea salt, and savory spices, we wild ferment each batch until it's bursting with flavor and brimming with live cultures. We never pasteurize our Krauts to ensure they're always fresh and full of the probiotic benefits you will crave every day. In every crunchy bite, you'll experience the goodness of fermentation and expertly crafted recipes straight from our chef and founder, Kathryn. Due to the nature of wild fermentation, the probiotic quantity and type present in each pouch varies batch-to-batch. This product is unpasteurized to sustain naturally occurring beneficial bacteria. Support your new digestive glow. Try our Ginger Beet Gut Shot if you love flavor-packed probiotics. Resealable for freshness. Our Ferment-o-vent helps prevent bubbling of the pouch and keeps veggies tasting fresh! BPA, PVC plasticizer and phthalate free. This pouch is made from no.4 and no.1 materials. Please recycle where possible. Recycle for our earth.