Familia Baby Muesli, Original Swiss

100% Natural. For children 9 months and up. No added sugar. Not a low calorie food. Start your toddler's day off right with delicious tasting Familia Original Swiss Baby Muesli, recommended for children from 9 months up to 2 years of age. Familia Original Swiss Baby Muesli is a healthful blend of 100% naturally grown ingredients of the highest standard. The only sweetness comes form the natural goodness of apples and bananas. World famous Swiss cereal with fruit and nuts. Since 1959, the quaint village of Sachsein has been home to the Biofamilia Company. The people of the village make the world's most authentic Swiss muesli. Your family will also enjoy the following delicious and flavorful varieties of bio-familia: Original, no added sugar, low fat Muesli, Low fat Granola Muesli, Granola Muesli. Familia Original Swiss Baby Muesli is based on the work of Dr. Bircher-Benner who, late in the 19th century, developed a cereal rich in fruit and nuts for the patients at his clinic. All these traditional Swiss Muesli cereals proved the whole family with a nearly ideal balance of the essential nutrients to meet today's dietary goals. This traditional recipe uses wholesome ingredients from farmers who grow their crops without the use of harmful pesticides and meet strict European standards.