Erin Bakers Breakfast Cookie, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk 3 oz

Vegan. All natural. Sustained energy. Wholesome baked goods The original. A fresh-baked, oatmeal cookie with no trans fats and no cholesterol. In 1995, I created the Baker's Breakfast Cookie in a rented 4-H kitchen in Langley, Washington. I wanted to satisfy and energize the 40% of kids and grown-ups who go without breakfast every day. I combined delicious whole-food ingredients to make a power-packed cookie that eats like a meal. Don't let the shape fool you! We bake cookies for people just like you looking for the perfect healthy snack on the go. Each one is handmade and baked to order to ensure freshness in every bite. Check out the ingredients - no trans fat, no preservatives, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial anything. Your Breakfast Cookie is always ready to travel on the road, at the gym, or anywhere your active lifestyle takes you. Treat yourself and your family to a nutritious balanced snack that tastes great! Erin Baker, Founder and President, Bakers Breakfast Cookie, Inc. Toaster friendly.