Runa Guayusa Beverage, Sweet Peach

Naturally flavored. Clean energy. Powered by Guayusa. USDA organic. 70 calories per bottle. Guayusa (gwhy-you-sa) is a native Amazonian super-leaf that has been brewed like tea for thousands of years by indigenous communities in Ecuador. Revered for giving sustained energy and nutrition, Guayusa naturally contains an uplifting blend of caffeine, minerals, and vitamins. Native communities say that guayusa helps them feel Runa, meaning fully alive in the Kichwa language. Guayusa tastes surprisingly smooth and naturally sweet without the bitterness or astringency found in some traditional teas. We work directly with thousands of indigenous farming families who are proud to see guayusa shared around the world. These families are our partners in a Fair Trade relationship, and by organically growing guayusa in traditional forest gardens they help protect the rainforest. Come to Ecuador and experience for yourself - find out more at Certified B Corporation. Please recycle. Are you a Runatic? Show us at drinkRuna! Caffeine: As much as one cup of coffee. Antioxidants: From vitamin C. Non-GMO. Fair Trade ingredients. Over 96% of product. Contains 0% juice. OR Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. NJ Certified Organic by OCIA. Fair Trade Certified by