Daily Greens Vegetable and Fruit Juice, Rejuvenate

Carrot. Romaine. Pineapple. Spinach. Collard greens. Lemon. + turmeric root. Organic & cold-pressed. USDA organic. Non-GMO verified. 100% juice. 6 pounds of fresh organic produce pressed into every bottle. Naturally vegan and naturally gluten-free. A Message from the Founder: Following my battle with breast cancer as a young mom, I was so thankful to discover green juice and its health benefits. Fully recovered and thriving years later, I am very excited to share my own green juice recipes with you. They are as delicious as they are nutritious. - Shauna Martin. Daily Greens is proud to donate a portion of sales to programs that provide services to young women battling breast cancer. drinkdailygreens.com. facebook.com/drinkdailygreens. Never Heated: Daily Greens uses a unique pressurization technique called High Pressure Processing (HPP) which uses pressure instead of heat to rid our juices of potentially harmful bacteria while maintaining the freshness, flavor and nutritional value of our juices. Certified organic by NICS. Non GMO project verified. Nongmoproject.org.