Crave Brothers Cheese, Soft Ripened, Washed Rind 8 Oz

Farmstead Classics. Enjoy Petit Frere as it matures and the flavor and texture develop. Young: Four weeks after make date. Mild and firm, light toast rind. Semi-Ripe: Six weeks after make date. Savoury and soft, tan colored rind. Fully Ripe: Over eight weeks after make date. Rich, full flavor, creamy texture, apricot colored rind. Serving suggestions inside package. Handcrafted on our dairy farm in the finest Wisconsin tradition. The Crave Brothers work in harmony with the land to produce high quality milk on our rural Wisconsin dairy farm. Petit Frere is handcrafted in our creamery, using our own fresh milk. We carefully handwash each wheel and age the cheese in our affinage cellars. Wisconsin cheese. Visit for more information about our farm and handcrafted cheeses.