Country Life Triple Action Sharp Thought 30 Capsules

Established 1971. Clinically shown to: 1. Support memory (Based on three (3) capsules daily). 2. Support faster recall (Based on three (3) capsules daily). 3. Increase mental clarity (Based on three (3) capsules daily). Our pledge of integrity. Authenticity. Cleanliness. Freshness. Consistency. Accuracy. More than just DHA and PS added together. The DHA is woven into the backbone of the PS which allows the body to immediately recognized this structure as body read. (Based on three (3) capsules daily). Clinically shown to support the following benefits (Based on three (3) capsules daily): Memory (Based on three (3) capsules daily); Increased mental clarity (Based on three (3) capsules daily); Faster recall (Based on three (3) capsules daily); Brain health (Based on three (3) capsules daily). Based on a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study among an elderly population. (Unpublished, enzymotec). Third party tested - For purity. % Improvement of immediate recall (Based on three (3) capsules daily). Contains a very special conjugated complex of phosphatidylserine (PS) and DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid. The exacting science of conjugation allows the body to achieve the exact form that it can recognize. Conjugated: Supports utilization of DHA in the brain (Based on three (3) capsules daily). Important for brain function (Based on three (3) capsules daily). Sharp-PS gold. For that is found in the brain (Based on three (3) capsules daily). No preservatives. Please help us in our mission; recycle this box & bottle after use. Yes recyclable packaging. Yes manufacturing supports wind power. FSC: Mix - Paper from responsible sources. Certified B Corporation.