Paxis Wine, Table, White Blend, Lisboa, 2017

Mr. Dino Ventura, one of DFJ's founders (D) passed away in 2003. He was one of the most innovative sales and marketing men the UK wine sector ever saw. He looked at all aspects of society to find ideas to apply to promoting Portuguese wine. One day he was watching one of his children playing a very traditional and physical UK game called Bulldog. During the game he heard children saying Paxis as a way to express immunity from being caught. Paxis struck him as an ideal way of expressing those times when we escape from the stress of the world and can appreciate the pleasure a great wine can give. Because of that the Paxis wines are always carefully selected to offer a great ratio price/quality/pleasure. Enjoy! Being a natural product this wine may develop some sediment. Alc. 12% by vol. Product of Portugal.