Bandit Rose Wine

Award winning. National parks Cape Cod of America. Go explore. A pale pink hue hints at delicate aromas of white peach and apricot, framed by a crisp palate of strawberry and tart cranberry. Awards: Bandit Wines has received 50+ Gold Medals since 2006. More wine, less waste. 1 Bandit box = 1-1/3 750 ml bottles of wine. Cape Code: On the eastern tip of Massachusetts lies the majestic Cape Cod National Seashore, with its endless stretch of sandy beaches. Woodlands, ponds and carved trails lead to forty miles of pristine coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. Keep it Simple: With Bandit's easy twist-to-open cap, there's no need to worry about a corkscrew. And, with a twist of the wrist in the other direction, the container easily reseals, keeping the wine fresh so you can enjoy it again later. Mother Earth: Bandit's container is lightweight and recyclable. And, it's largely made from sustainable and renewable materials, like paper. By choosing Bandit, you support responsible use of our planet's natural resources. Our Story: We love wine and we love to explore beautiful landscapes, so in 2003 we created Bandit. This light-weight container is adventure-ready, keeps our wine fresh and delicious, and uses natural resources responsibly. From dinner around the campfire to backpacking on the Pacific Rim Trail, Bandit is ready for wherever the spirit of adventure leads you. Live well and go explore! - Charles, Joel & Roger. Tetra Pak: Protects what's good. Please recycle. 13.0% alc/vol. Made in the USA. Product of USA.