A to Z Wineworks Riesling, Oregon 750 ml

From the first pour to the last sip, the A to Z Wineworks Oregon Riesling embodies the spirit and taste of Oregon's vineyards. With its luminous light-yellow tint accented by a lime green undertone, this white wine evokes springtime in Oregon, with aromas of honeysuckle, hibiscus, and apple-blossom. On the palate, layers of apricot, white peach, and lime zest harmoniously meld, narrating tales of fertile soils and ocean-kissed breezes. Recognized multiple times as a Top 100 Best Buy by Wine Enthusiast, the A to Z Wineworks Oregon Riesling showcases the dedication and artistry that goes into nurturing each vine and grape. Whether paired with a sumptuous meal or enjoyed on its own, this Oregon Riesling wine promises a taste experience as vast and varied as the Oregon terrain itself. Each bottle is 750 mL and has 12% ABV. Join us in raising a glass to honor, tradition, and unparalleled taste.