Stirrings Cocktail Mix, Simple Pomegranate Martini

Non-alcoholic cocktail mix. Pomegranate & lemon juice cocktail blend from concentrate. Shake it Up: Real juice. Simply add spirit to make about 8 cocktails. Real juice. No preservatives. The perfect pomegranate martini. Since antiquity, the pomegranate has been an object of mysticism. With this celebrated history in mind, we took our time developing our Pomegranate Cocktail Mixer. The result is a sweet-tart blend of pomegranate, lemon juice and cane sugar that you are sure to enjoy for eternity. Pomegranate Margaritas? Find recipes at Please recycle. After its founding in nantucket in 1997, Stirrings made it its mission to use only the very best ingredients - real juice, triple-filtered water and a touch of imagination - because after all, better ingredients, make better cocktails. Thank you for trying Stirring products. Cheers, - Bill Creelman and Gil MacLean. Contains 20% juice.