Q Soda, Superior Sparkling Grapefruit 4 Ea

50 calories. Real grapefruits. Q Grapefruit tastes better because we make it with real grapefruits. No artificial and natural flavors. No high fructose corn syrup. The trunk, leaves, and flowers of this tree, very much resemble those of the orange-tree. The fruit, when ripe, is something longer and larger than the largest orange; and exceeds, in the delicacy of its taste, the fruit of every tree in this or any of our neighbouring islands. - Rev Griffith Hughes, 1750, Natural History of Barbados. Imagine a grapefruit soda that tastes like grapefruit - fresh, bitter, and tart with just a hint of sweetness. Well, meet Q grapefruit. We began with lots of real grapefruits, grown in sunny Florida, then added just a dash of Italian lemons, Mexican tangerines and key limes. So Q Grapefruit tastes clean, crisp, and refreshing. And yes, like grapefruit. Enjoy, Jordan Silbert, Founder. Explore the Seven Wonders of Barbados! No. 6 - The world's rarest collection of 17th century English iron cannon. No. 7 - The grapefruit! Learn more at QDrinks.com.