Shiner Bock Family Reunion

Established 1909. 5 Shiner family favorites and 1 very special guest. Take your pick. Bock; Kosmos Reserve; Black Lager; Wild Hare; Brewer's Pride; Premium. Bock: First brewed in 1913, this American-style Bock combines old-world Bavarian heritage and American handcraft brewing, and serves as the flagship of the Shiner family of beers. Premium: Crafted from the original Spoetzl Brewery recipe, this Bohemian-style Golden Lager has a pleasant, slightly sweet finish, making it the sentimental favorite of the citizens of Shiner. Black Lager: Shiner's darkest brew, Bohemian Black Lager is nearly opaque in color yet still approachable in taste. This Schwarzbier is available year-round and features a clean lager finish rare in beers of its color. Kosmos Reserve: Named in tribute to our original brewmaster, Kosmos Spoetzl, Shiner Kosmos is a robust, aromatic dry-hopped lager that is every bit as unique as the man himself. Wild Hare: After 102 years of lagers, Shiner Wild Hare is the first ale we've ever brewed at the Spoetzl Brewery. Our classic American pale ale balances Munich malts with high alpha bravo and US Golding hops, for a taste that's rich and lively - and a little bit wild. Brewer's Pride: While we take pride in every single drop of Shiner, every so often we get the itch to brew up a batch of something extra. Kind of a pet project, if you will. This is one of those special brews. Prosit! Please recycle your bottles. More bottles = more beer. Oh yeah, and it's good for the environment.