Capital Seasonal

Celebrate spring. A rich German traditional. A Wisconsin adventure. Every May 1st, Munich beer lovers celebrate spring by tapping the first barrel of maibock at the Hofbrauhaus. The Capitol Brewery we can't wait that long. Our celebration starts amid the deep freeze of February. While Wisconsin snow crunches beneath our feet, we think warm thoughts of deep, golden hues and smooth, malt flavors. We think Maibock. you should, too. One taste and you may be tempted to run home and crack the windows open. Beat the rugs, hunt for morels. Our advice? Don't get crazy (like we are). Anticipate spring the smart way. Raise a glass to Ground Hog Day, March Madness and April Fool's Day all with one great beer: Maibock, you may find yourself wishing that summer never arrives. America's no. 1 rated brewery (1998 Beverage Testing Institute's World Beer Championships in Chicago, IL). After twenty-some years, locals and other Midwest types definitely know our whereabouts. For those still searching, we offer this handy-dandy map. Caution! Please empty map of its contents before turning it over and facing due north. Hint: we're located in a former egg-processing plant in Middleton, now populated by people with an obvious love of a certain Wisconsin tradition: brewing and enjoying beer and the company it keeps. Brewed in Wisconsin.