Anchor Brewing Ale, Big Leaf Maple, Autumn Red

Anchor seasonal. Red ale brewed with maple syrup. Big Leaf maple Autumn Red: A distinctive red ale brewed with maple syrup. Our fall seasonal, Big Leaf Maple Autumn Red, was inspired by a native California tree, its incredible leaves, its delicious syrup, and the colors of fall. Bigleaf maple thrives along the banks of California's mountain streams. Native Californians once made rope and baskets from its bark. Today, artisans handcraft its wood and burl into custom guitars. In autumn, its huge leaves, up to a foot across, can display a full range of color as they slowly turn from green to gold to red. Bigleaf maple sugaring in California dates to the 1800s. Please note, based on seasonality, the offering may vary. Once your order has been placed, our Personal Shoppers will call to confirm your selection. Varieties are indicated below: Big Leaf Maple Autumn Red Bock Beer Spring Saison Summer Winter Wheat