Point 12 Pk Samlper

Includes a selection from the following (may not include all styles): Cascade Pale Ale Premium; hand-crafted. Amber Classic Beer; hand-crafted. Belgian White; Belgian Style wheat ale; ale brewed with coriander and orange peel; hand-crafted. Horizon Wheat; unfiltered wheat ale; hand-crafted; Burly Brown; American brown ale; hand-crafted. Seasonal selection (if available). Brewing excellence since 1857. Point - well made. Since 1857, the Stevens Point Brewery has offered the highest-quality specialty and craft beers. Each brew is personally hand-crafted with the very best ingredients - the finest barley malts, grains, and hops. The results are distinctive and flavorful beers for your enjoyment. Take this opportunity to try a variety of our great beers. I guarantee - it's a Point well made. - John Zappa, Brewmaster. Non-returnable. Longneck bottles.